A Possible Way Trump Could Negotiate Peace with North Korea

Emad Hajjaj / Jordan
Emad Hajjaj

Okay so here’s my idea about North Korea.

The United States could negotiate with China stop funding the Kim regime and let it collapse, with unification being a possibility that is put on hold while N Korea is developed economically. In return for China’s help in rebuilding an impoverished region, disallowing a power vacuum, and decomissioning a military the United States could do one of the following.

If there is no unification, the country could remain communist with no military and come under the protection of China, much as the same way Japan (with no military) is under our protection.

If there IS unification, the United States would remove the military base from S Korea so there isn’t a US military presence sharing a border with China. The US/Japan, et al give economic aid so that S Korea won’t have to absorb the loss, much in the way that Germany did when it was unified.

In either situation, the nukes would be decomission, definitely not handed over to S Korea. It may appear like a military loss for the US to close down a strategic base in the region, but we will have successfully removed a major threat the US and removed a nation that has nuclear weapons. We also still have the Marines in Okinawa, and this will have an added benefit of easing tensions with the China Sea dispute as well.

This could all be done very peacefully.

And THAT’S how you make a deal. ARE YOU LISTENING DONALD TRUMP? You should be.

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