Should We Remove Washington’s Monuments as Well as Lee’s?

George Washington Statue in Pittsburgh

In response to NPR’s article decrying Trump’s recent statements about whether or not Washington statues are next for the chopping block:

General and later President Washington was an ardent supporter of the Native American genocide. He led two wars against them, and his presidential policy carried out Manifest Destiny. The framers of the constitution, including Franklin and Jefferson, were more than just slave owners. They excluded all people of color, women, and the poor from any civil rights in the constitution intentionally. They lead no charge of “freedom for all.” And the Native American genocide in particular was carried out by them, and with their encouragement and approval.

Washington called for the destruction of crops, desolation of villages, enslavement of children after murder of parents of the so called savages that held the land before the settlement. Food for thought: why did the Iroquois nation and others take the side of Britain during the war?

I think with some REAL fact checking you will find Generals Lee and Washington have a lot more in common than people want to believe. I am no Trump supporter or Republican, and I’m sure Trump himself would disagree with this analysis. But by gleefully criticizing Trump, this story contributes to a false narrative of this country.

There are no just wars, this was as true then as it is now. I want to live in a world without glorifying statues honoring those who kill. I want statues of musicians, artists, poets, and scientists. I want statues of those who build great statues! I want statues of teachers, activists, and healers.

Take down all the war hero statues please.Yes, we should remove the Confederate monuments as well as the Union monuments. And perhaps with some much needed reflection of this country’s true history, we should remove American Revolution monuments, too.

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